The current idea is to have each lens06 participant to sign up and contribute to one or more of the following
working groups:

(1) Is the LCDM Paradigm Correct?

Please add your name here: Koopmans, Treu, Moustakas, Bradac, Fassnacht, Vegetti, Zhao, Zaritsky, Zabludoff, Gavazzi, Arnaboldi, Howley, Czoske, Mo, CP Ma, Natarajan, Gnedin, Oguri, Jackson, Moeller

(2) The Physics of DM and Baryonic Interaction

Please add your name here: Koopmans, Treu, Moustakas, Grillo, Bertin, Lubin, Fassnacht, Suyu, Bradac, Barnabè, Marshall, Elíasdóttir, Bunker, Zaritsky, Zabludoff, Zhao, Gavazzi, Martin, Arnaboldi, Howley, Gerhard, Czoske, Mo, Eric Agol, CP Ma, Natarajan, Gnedin, van de Ven, Jackson, Schechter, Moeller, Eran Ofek, Oguri

(3) Lensing & Cosmography

Please add your name here: Koopmans, Grillo, Bertin, Fassnacht, Suyu, Bradac, Marshall, Elíasdóttir, Moustakas, Bunker, Zabludoff, Zhao, Gavazzi, Howley, Gerhard, Wambsganss, CP Ma, Natarajan, Oguri, Jackson, Eran Ofek

The minimum goal of each working groups should be to produce a proceedingthat can be posted (after minor editing)
on a preprint server. We suggesta common (although not too strict) format that includes at least thefollowing:
  1. A statement of the outstanding fundamental problems/questions.
  2. The current state of affairs that address these problems/questions.
  3. A Progress Roadmap, specifically addressing the role of lensing (also in combination with other methods)
  4. Possibly a concrete suggestion on how to realize answering these problems/questions (e.g. new missions/observations, etc.).

Ideally this could be a draft document for a observing/theory/grant proposal.