Dinner Plans?

Fri Oct 13


Oleg and I are trying to organize a boatful of astronomers for a boat tour along the coast of SB for Monday, Oct 16. The tour lasts ~2 hours and costs ~$35 per person. Visit http://www.sunsetkidd.com for more information. If you would like to come please sign your name below by Monday morning so that we can make a reservation and organize carpooling. [Iva]
Iva, Oleg, Eric, Neal (Jackson), Raphaël, Leon, Masamune, Phil

Fri Sep 22

Music: "LesGendarmes du Swing are pleased to announcethat we'll be playingthis Friday, September 22nd at the James JoyceIrish bar indowntown Santa Barbara. The James Joyce is at 513 StateSt.The music will start around 8:00 and the show is free. Please join us for some great music and drinks at one of Santa Barbara's liveliest bars". [Treu - not playing, just attending!]

Thu Sep 21

Wed Sep 20

I will be leaving KITP around 6pm, have room for3-4(dependingonhousemate's plans) and will be going to a beach for adip&towatch the sunset. Highly recommended. Moustakas

You know you need a break sometimes and so do I....
If anyone is up for playing basketball, squash,badminton,runningonthebeach, swimming laps, surfing, etc. (I wish Icouldaddskiinghere), letme know. I would do it all (verybadly,andveryenthusiastically).

September 19 2006. 7:30PM onwards: Beers/Burgers/Pool at Dargan's (http://dargans.com/)

Please post a note if you need a ride or can offer one.
  • Árdís: I'll be leaving for downtown SBat5.15pm(butnotcomingbackto Goleta). Email me (ardis atdark-cosmologydot dk)ifyouwant aride (Ihave space for three).
  • Moustakas:leavingKITParound5:30,goingtoa beach for a dip + sunset, then byhome,thentoDargan's. I havespaceforup to three. Pre-prandialsmaybepossible.Email leonidas at jpldotnasadot gov or call.

Hi, this is a test, who would like to go for lunch now? Iamnot100%familiar with the dining options here, would be nicetogotogether.-HongSheng