Notes from an organisational meeting on the 19.09.2006.

Themes for workshop

1. Inner DM halos (cusps), <<R_s

2. Outer halos (>>R_s) (Triaxility, Profile, M/c...)

3. Substructure

- Can we measure the mass function of dark matter?
- Not so many predictions from LCDM, except thesubstructure. Changing the nature of DM slightly, changessubstructure significantly.

4. Interactions Baryon/DM/BH

5. Lenses as natural telescopes

6. Lensing vs. other methods

7. Cosmology / Lens Surveys

8. Future

(A) Is the (L) CDM paradigm correct? -> no DM? -> DM properties
- shapes of the inner halo
- substructure
- lens stat.

(B) Is lensing any good for cosmography

(C) What are the processes leading to the observed distribution of baryons and DM in...?
- nuclear
- globular clusters
- galaxies
- clusters

- feedback?

Start projects which can lead to proposals/papers.
Have an overall goal for all the working groups. Paper, document,proposals, final report? Can we just use the wiki? Do wewant sth that's formal enough for the arxives?

Goal: Preprint standard, stating the goal and results, proceedings style.