If you have specific dinner plans or want to join others
for dinner, please indicate your plans/intensions here:

Monday 2 October Is anyone interested in joining Peter and Sherry for dinner at Ahi Sushi (3631 State Street) at around 7:15? Please let Sherry (suyu at caltech.edu) know if you would like to come so that she could make reservations. Sherry is leaving KITP at 6:50 and can have two more people in her car.

Monday 2 October (the evening before the conference starts), it would be nice to plan a low-key wine&cheese or cocktails gathering at somebody's place (large house, anyone?), or at a place with a large patio or beachfront. Please email suggestions to Lexi and I can try to coordinate.

28.09 - Thursday - BBQ on the Beach?

A few of us are thinking of heading down to Goleta beach (the one you see from KITP) and having a bbq on Thursday evening. They have bbq's and picnic tables there, with each location being large enough for roughly 8-10 people to sit down. There are also larger areas which need to be reserved. So, depending on how many of us there are, we would either try to reserve one of the larger areas or just to take over a couple of the smaller ones (which are first come first serve). It would be a BYOB (as in Bring Your Own Barbeque - i.e. bring your own food and drinks ;) ) event, and there would be a small ($1-3) fee for taking part (to pay for coals and perhaps the reservation fee). We would probably head down at around 5pm as the sun sets at 7pm (and then it gets 'cold' and dark).

If you are interested in coming, please add your name below.
Árdís, Leon, lexi, Joachim, houjun, Andy Bunker, Claudio Grillo, Matteo Barnabè, Simona Vegetti, Magda Arnaboldi, Ortwin Gerhard, Oliver

Árdís: I think that there are few enough of us just to go for plan B (i.e. take over a couple of the smaller tables), so I won't make a reservation. Could someone who has a car (Leon, Lexi?) take care of buying the coals? We'd need a couple of bags I guess.

Thursday 26 October Phil has secured a reservation for 16 at

Cafe Buenos Aires

1316 State St
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
(805) 963-0242

at 7:50pm this evening (Thursday)

Here is a Google Map showing the restaurant location.

If you zoom in you'll notice that

a) there is an outside patio which we may or may not be on
b) Google's astrometry is off by 20m or so
c) it's between cross streets Victoria and Sola
d) you probably want to take the Carillo exit then go left on Chapala and
park in the Victoria parking lot. I know this because I looked at this
Downtown Parking Map

Currently attending are: Phil Marshall, Ole Moeller, Leon Koopmans, Eric Agol +2, Leonidas Moustakas, Graham Smith, Ardis Eliasdottir, Paul Schechter, Raphael Gavazzi, Adam Bolton, Neal Jackson, Daisuke Nagai, Neal Dalal, Eric Morganson