Welcome to the Wiki page for the KITP workshop:
Applications of Gravitational Lensing: Unique Insights into Galaxy Formation and Evolution.

Please SIGN UP for one of the working groups and check out the current status report of each group in case you have not been participating from the beginning of the workshop. Ideally participants should be able to keep track of what is happening in each group even if they are not part of it.

At any time lens06 participants can suggest speakers or volunteer for:
  1. Colloqium speakers for the lens06 workshop and KITP (Auditorium - 45 min)
  2. Seminar speakers for the lens06 workshop (Small Seminar Room - 30 min)
# Informal coffee/tea talks (black-board type; Ocean Tower - 15 min)
  1. Pedagogical Lecture interesting for other participants or locals (Format TBD)

Please email Tommaso & Leon for suggestions. In case of new suggestions for working groups please contact Tommaso & Leon. Also Social activities etc. can be posted by participants.


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